Just ahead of her third full-length album Luminol (out July 16), Denver-based multi-instrumentalist Midwife (a.k.a. Madeline Johnston) revealed the album’s second single, “God Is A Cop.”


The soft, yearning instrumental ushers in Midwife’s filtered vocals that match perfectly over the subtle melody, before launching into a bold, guitar-sounding crescendo over the same, persistent tune from the beginning, successfully crafting a distinct, moody atmosphere over the track’s five minutes.

The album Luminol is named for a chemical used by forensic investigators to reveal trace amounts of blood left at a crime scene, and the album navigates themes of incarceration, clarity, self-harm, confinement, agency, and truth-seeking.

Preorder the album here, and check out the single below:

To keep up with Midwife, check out her Bandcamp, Facebook, and Instagram. Photo courtesy of Midwife.

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