News: Myrkur Releases New Single ‘Valkyriernes Sang’

Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Amalie Bruun, aka Myrkur, has released a new single, “Valkyriernes Sang,” ahead of new album Spine. She returns to her connection to Scandinavian mythology on new single “Valkyriernes Sang” featuring Bruun singing in her native Danish language.

The artist states:

“I wrote this song after diving into different interpretations of the old Norse sagas again, particularly Njál’s saga and the poems about the valkyrier—Spydsangen’ (‘The Song of the Spear’).  I have always been fascinated with the figures of Valkyrier in Norse mythology, their power, their role in the battles, in Valhalla and with Odin.”

Myrkur reunited with producer Randall Dunn at Sigur Rós’s Icelandic studio to complete new album Spine which takes a deeper look at the connection between mother and child, the rise of artificial intelligence, and the world itself seemingly becoming more disconnected post-pandemic. Spine is set for release October 20 via Relapse Records.

Myrkur Live Dates:

Feb 23, 2024: Studenterhuset – Aalborg
Feb 24, 2024: Voxhall – Aarhus
Feb 29, 2024: Posten – Odense
Mar 02, 2024: Store Vega – Copenhagen

Photo courtesy of Myrkur 

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