News: N0V3L Announces New Album, Releases New Song

Doldrums diving Canadian post-punks N0V3L are putting the finishing touches on their forthcoming album NON-FICTION, set to drop on May 28, 2021 on Flemish Eye Records.

NON-FICTION will be the follow up to the band’s 2019 self-titled EP, and will allegedly tone down some of the more militantly mechanical aspects that came jutting out at you on that release in favor of a more carefully constructed and nimble procession of sound. You can judge for yourself whether this is a new chapter or just an addendum to their last release by checking out the newly released song, “Group Disease” below:

NOV3L explains that their new songs are a ” bitter analysis of ingroup/outgroup dogma and the accelerating violence of populism.” Certainly, a topical subject was given the recent US Presidential election, where fears of populist sentiments were an endemic part of the news cycle and widely blamed for a riot at the US Capital in January (you do not need me to recap that story, it’s seared into our collective consciousness at this point). Other socio-political topics to be addressed on NOV3L’s forthcoming album include, the marginalization of the mentally ill, the callousness of drug manufacturers, and the conformist pressures of modernity. All heady and perceptive materials, as well as possibly required listening for navigating the pinball game of doom that appears to be the twenty-first century.

Photo courtesy of N0V3L.

You can find more info on Flemish Eye Records here.

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