One of the greatest power violence albums of the past decade will be reissued in a 10th Anniversary Edition by Southern Lord on November 27, 2020. Nail’s Unsilent Death will be rolled out with a new track titled “Enemy” which you can stream below:

From Southern Lord’s press release:

The 10th Anniversary version is the original ten-song album released in 2010, with the addition of three songs from their Obscene Humanity 7″ and two songs from the original Unsilent Death recording sessions which were never released or heard, until now. The original ten tracks from Unsilent Death have not been remixed or remastered. The five additional songs have been remixed by Kurt Ballou and mastered by Nick Townsend. The LP’s packaging remains true to the original but includes an 18″x24″ poster.

Nails’s Todd Jones had the following to say:

“We’re happy that the record seemingly deserves a celebration for its ten-year anniversary. I hope people enjoy it.”

Photo by Nails.

You can find preorder info for Unsilent Death here.


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