News: Napalm Death Release Video for track ‘Contagion’

Long-running U.K. grinders Napalm Death have released a video for the track, “Contagion,” from their latest album, Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism released via Century Media Records. The album entered international sales charts at: Germany: #18, Austria: #37, Switzerland: #26, Finland: #35, Belgium: #88, Spain: #78, France: #120, UK (Rock Chart): #3 and USA: #58 Billboard Top Albums.

Frontman Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway states:

“Although we can only hope to provide a snapshot in four minutes, what we wanted to try to illustrate with the ‘Contagion’ video is how difficult it has been made to do something as fundamental as moving freely as a human being. There is downright absurdity in that some people have to resort to mortal danger doing things like riding atop trains whilst others can move seamlessly and freely without a second thought. We advocate for an end to borders of all description. Complementing that, the sweaty live footage was shot brilliantly by Ljuba Generalova in Naplam Death’s virtual second home of Berlin and the music, you might say, just motors along like a train.”

Bassist Shane Embury, who wrote the music and the lyrics for “Contagion,” adds:

“Musically, ‘Contagion’ is geared towards manic intense live mosh pit action but with an added 4AD noise quirk homage chorus! Also, having so many friends in the Latin community, through a couple of them, I learned and read about the perilous journeys that families embark on for the chance at a better life. As a parent, I think of my children’s future all the time—the things we take for granted I wanted to reflect lyrically!”

Napalm Death are currently on tour with Gwar and Eyehategod. which ends December 14 in New York. Napalm Death’s European tour, dubbed “The Campaign For Musical Destruction,” commences February 3 and ends March 6.  Doom, Siberian Meat Grinder, and Show Me The Body are confirmed support acts.

Visit Napalm Death’s official website here

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