News: nascar aloe Releases New Single “SKIDROW”

North Carolina born artist, nascar aloe is putting out a new single, “SKIDROW” on February 15. It’s from his upcoming EP, Speed, set to release March 15.

Stream Speed here.

nascar aloe enters a new era with his music with Speed. It’s built on erratic electronic production that combines alternative hip-hop with glitchy techno samples. Speed ties in themes of crust-punk fundamentals and lyrically, nascar aloe condemns “grotesque displays of society” such as war, police brutality and capitalism. By making a bold statement with his distinct gutter-punk style, jarring visuals and violently confrontational bars, Speed is a synth-punk decree of anti-establishment. Whilst battling intense feelings of anger and loneliness, nascar aloe craved an outlet for something angrier and faster than ever before. By funneling these motions into his craft, Speed was born.

nascar aloe began as a rapper/self-taught producer and started penning rhymes in 2013 as a way of self-expression. Once he got into hardcore and punk music in high school, he found a way to incorporate the two worlds in his sound and personal style. With three EPs, two full-length albums and a partnership with Epitaph Records under his belt, he maintains over a million monthly streams and a following of over 340 thousand followers.

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