News: Necrophobic Release Lyric Video For ‘As Stars Collide’

Necrophobic have released a lyric video for the track “As The Stars Collide” from forthcoming record In The Twilight Grey. This marks the second video Necrophobic have released from In The Twilight Grey, following up on the success of “Stormcrow.”

Regarding “As The Stars Collide” Lead guitarist Sebastian Ramstedt states:

“The most important song on the album for me personally. It starts off with the main melody, that was actually something my mother sang to me as a kid in the early ’70s. It is almost like a chant, or a dark lullaby. I wanted to honor her melody, but put it in my own context. I used one of the oldest stories ever told and drew inspiration from ‘Innana’s Descent’—the tale where the morning and evening star meet in the underworld to decide whether good or evil should reign. I wanted to create something that stretched beyond the metal barriers.”

In The Twilight Grey is Necrophobic’s tenth studio album produced, mixed, and mastered by Fredrik Folkare at Chrome Studios. The record was engineered by Fredrik Folkare and Necrophobic.

Photo courtesy of Necrophobic

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