News: Nefarious Industries Releases Milestone Compilation Record

Nefarious Industries celebrates 100 releases with NEF100: Burn After Hearing, a 14-track compilation record showcasing their eclectic roster.

Nefarious Industries were originally founded as a collective of like-minded music fiends seeking an outlet to release off-kilter music. NEF100: Burn After Hearing features new and exclusive songs from label co-founders El Drugstore, Arbogast, D-beat maniacs Nequient, Risk Relay, and Gridfailure, in addition to many, many more artists. The first two tracks come from El Drugstore with “Rural Ecstasy” and “Intervention Undivine” by Risk Relay. Both can be purchased now.

El Drugstore comments:

“‘Rural Ecstasy’ is the sound of our band rebooting after significant time off due to plague, childbirth, and any other number of calamities. The basis for the song was me challenging myself to start from a simple open C chord rather than my typical discordant leanings. Everything after that opening arpeggio is what came out of me over the course of an hour or so, and Ro and Squid as always elevated the concept I brought to the table.

“There are a few other odds and ends from that recording session that will hopefully see the light of day at some point, and there is a wealth of material earmarked for ‘El Drugstore’ that is yet to be recorded. Our output will likely continue to be sporadic as we all acclimate to the challenges of being middle-aged fathers producing infuriatingly complex music, but ‘Rural Ecstasy’ is proof that we will keep bumming your ears out in new and inventive ways.”

Risk Relay adds:

“Although written during a pre-pandemic America, ‘Intervention Undivine’ is actually a song from the future. The detuned storyteller has slipped by the old gods, divine or not, and the ruinous traditions of the past have been expelled. The call goes out to the lagging timelines: expel the moribund deist. Incur new frequencies. From tomorrow a call to the present, is anyone listening?”

Each song on NEF100: Burn After Hearing will be individually released to all digital services over the next several months, each with its own art in the theme of the comp’s overall look. Look for vinyl, CDs, and cassette releases to follow.

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