News: Nervosa Release Video For Track ‘Jailbreak’

Nervosa have released a video for the title track “Jailbreak” from their new record due out September 29 via Napalm Records. This is the first Nervosa album with guitarist and founding member Prika Amaral on vocals. It also includes the new lineup featuring Michaela Naydenova on drums, Hel Pyre on bass, and Helena Kotina on guitars.

Prika Amaral and Helena Kotina on “Jailbreak:”

“This song is the roots of this new album. Helena and I love motorcycles, and wanted to write a song that gives freedom to the people because this is how we feel when we ride our motorcycles. Also, ‘Jailbreak’ has one of the biggest guitar duos—People will be surprised when we play this song live. I can’t wait for that!” (Prika)

“For me, ‘Jailbreak’ feels like the most heavy but also pure rock ‘n’ roll song on the album. It combines fast roaring guitars together with melodies and has this rebellious vibe.” (Helena)

Prika Amaral states about the album:

“I’m very happy with the result of how our new album turned out. This time, we were able to take even more risks and do new things. With two guitars the doors open to a whole new world of possibilities; in fact Nervosa had two guitars in the beginning, but then we decided to go with one guitar for logistical reasons, since it would be easier to move with one less person for tours. Now Nervosa has a much bigger structure that allowed this addition, and we are really enjoying this moment of the band. The process of writing this record was the most fun and brought the most musicality, enriching the band.”

Helena Kotina adds:

“I think Jailbreak is Nervosa’s most revolutionary record, both musically and lyrically. It was a very challenging process but at the same time very constructive. We were able to take care of every detail until we obtained the best result”

The song “When The Truth Is A Lie” features a guest contribution from Exodus guitarist Gary Holt, while “Superstition Failed” features guest vocalist Lena Scissorhands of Infected Rain / Death Dealer Union fame.

Catch Nervosa live at these dates:

02.09.23 GR – Agrinio / Metal Union Festival 2023
03.09.23 GR – Athens / Gimme Shelter Open Air Fest
05.10.23 MX – Santiago De Querétaro / Chihuahuas Bar
06.10.23 MX – Mexico City / Hendrix Bar
07.10.23 MX – Torreón / Vertigo
08.10.23 MX – Monterrey / Nandas 78 Bar Barrio Antiguo
11.10.23 MX – Tijuana / Black Box
12.10.23 MX – Guadalajara / Novecientosiete
13.10.23 MX – Chihuahua / Rocktezuma
14.10.23 MX – Juárez / Hysteria bar
15.10.23 MX – Puebla / Beat 803
29.01.23 US – Port of Miami / 70000 Tons Of Metal 2024

Photo courtesy of Nervosa 

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