News: Neuro Placid Drops Trippy Music Video for ‘MDMA’

Rap and alternative star Neuro Placid drop one of the trippiest and best-crafted music videos of the year for his tune “MDMA.” Described as “psychosis cinema,” the elaborate music video was shot over four months with Hollywood-level makeup and props that could make The Conjuring director James Wan squirm.

Elaborate productions like the one for “MDMA” seem to be a forgotten craft. But Nuero Placid is clearly deliberate with his budget, using creative angles and impressive effects to make the video feel huge. And horror perfectly compliments the track.

“The only way I could describe Neuro is if you could imagine that in a parallel universe, Johnny Rotten had a rap career, influences are a mix of rap, punk, and old-school hip hop,” Alexandra Dominica, the mind behind Neuro Placid, explains.

Despite the intense message of “MDMA,” Neuro Placid also showcases a playful side, like in his song “Silly in the Mental.” Much like his inspirations, the artist can take his music in many directions.

“Wu Tang, Beastie Boys, A Tribe Called Quest, Fugees, with the core controversiality and commercial success of Eminem,” Dominica continues.

Look out for future releases from Neuro Placid here.

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