News: Never Early Fest Brings Back Warped Tour Vibes

A new festival for pop punk and alternative fans takes center stage just outside of Baltimore this spring. The Never Early Fest features Ballyhoo! with the goal of providing emerging bands with a Warped Tour-like space to grow their fanbase.

“Never Early Fest is a project I have been working on now for seven months, and to be honest, the goal is to capture a SMALL portion of what Warped Tour was into one day,” Kings Of The Wild Things vocalist Oscar Sobkowicz says. “This year is super radical and has SO many bands I love and that I’m friends with, but I honestly hope it’s something people can enjoy so we can grow it every year.”

Kings Of The Wild Things will join Keep Flying, Eternal Boy, Act 189 Outatime!, Impulse, STMNTS, Fluorescents in support of the Maryland natives. FRND CRCL, Crown Me King, and Crocodile Tears are also on the bill.

A handful of the bands are Maryland-based, with Fluorescents from Chicago and Outatime! making the trip from Florida.

“It’s all about getting bands together who think they deserve and should be on a festival like this that may not have gotten the chance yet,” Sobkowicz continues.

The packed bill will perform at the spacious venue, The Recher in Towson, Maryland. The Baltimore area is a breeding ground for pop-punk powerhouses, most notably All Time Low and Good Charlotte. But the number of other scene stars from the region, like Ballyhoo!, are aplenty.

A handful of scene-supporting groups and nonprofits, including Punk Rock Saves Lives and Shed & Shred, will host vendors.

“(I) just hope everyone checks out all the incredible talent on the bill because it’s stacked in my opinion,” Sobkowicz concludes.

Kings Of The Wild Things will take OutaTime! on tour in the month leading up to the festival. Learn more about that set of shows and Never Early Fest here.

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