News: New Album By Fern ‘Intersubjective’ Out September 30

Fern have a new record coming out September 30 via Pelagic Records entitled Intersubjective, and it’s 10 tracks of eclectic, experimental pop music sure to satisfy fans of Bjork to Nine Inch Nails. Look for Fern’s first single ‘Hyperreal’ to drop August 8. Check out a performance of the song from a 2020 livestream below.

Seidel states:

“These songs are an invitation to explore human identity in this rapidly digitized world we live in… It’s necessary sometimes to be still and gain experience of your self in order to make more meaningful experiences of and with others. Like in meditation, it’s a process of letting go off constant thought and impression in order to learn about your inner workings.”

Preorders for Intersubjective begin August 3. Fern is the solo debut from Ocean’s drummer Paul Seidel.

Presave Fern’s single ‘Hyperreal’ here.

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