News: Nights Like Thieves Cover Harry Styles’ ‘As It Was’

Alternative band Nights Like Thieves dropped an edgy version of Harry Styles massively popular single “As It Was.”

“Our guitarist Matt was really into the original version of this song and talked us into covering it,” the band say. “So we made our version of it.”

The track is smoothly mixed and mastered by Joe March, a U.K.-based producer who specializes in rock and alternative. His work accentuates the vocals of singer Angel Romo, who is relatively new to the band.

The band recently sat down with the podcast Signal Chords to discuss their upcoming, 2024 album. In preparation the band have hit the stage with some popular scene names, including Assuming We Survive in Rancho Cucamongo last November.

Keep a close eye on new work and shows from Nights Like Thieves here.

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