News: Nights Like Thieves Release ‘This Is My War’

With a new lead singer, Nights Like Thieves release their latest song “This is My War.” Texas native Angel Flores shows off the pipes for the first time on a track with broad appeal, one fans throughout the alternative scene will enjoy.

“We’ve been honing our sound for nearly seven years, drawing on our deep-rooted history in punk and rock to create a dynamic and emotive blend of genres,” the band say.

Nights Like Thieves are a DIY band who recorded the song through Prime Royal Studios. It’s smoothly mixed and mastered by Joe Marsh.

“We take pride in creating music that is mature and powerful,” the band continue. “…Capable of evoking a range of emotions and capturing the human experience in all its beauty and complexity.”

The band’s range is on full display with soaring guitar riff to open the track. It’s followed by a pair of emotional versus and an electrifying chorus that blows the top off. Flores’s vocals are next-level.

To listen to Nights Like Thieves’ music and see where the band are playing next, click here.

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