News: Nite Unsheath ‘The Trident’

Blackened heavy metal supergroup Nite have released their new track “The Trident,” off of their new album Voices of the Kronian Moon.

Watch the official video of “The Trident” on YouTube:

The band share their thoughts:

“”The Trident” has become a fan favorite ever since ‘Voices of the Kronian Moon’ came out. That chorus chant has raised quite a few fists at our live shows, so we wanted to honor that with this video. Directed by our very own Scott Hoffman, we follow the time jump of the elusive time raider character, featured on the album cover and the Kronian Moon video, being tracked down and eventually losing his trident staff before he time jumps again to another world.”


Van Labrakis: Guitar / Vocals
Scott Hoffman: Guitar
Avinash Mittur: Bass
Patrick Crawford: Drums


Voices of the Kronian Moon is available on Vinyl, CD and as a digital download on Season of Mist’s online store. Order it here.

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Photo courtesy of Nite

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