News: NOFX and Baz’s Orchestra Perform ‘The Decline’

As the days are morphing into one, who knows what day it is anymore. So, we’re interrupting the world’s quarantine with something special. NOFX and Baz’s Orchestra released a world premiere of The Decline Live at Red Rocks! on Friday.

With the performance now living on the YouTube channel below, it’s also available via all digital service providers and on vinyl (no CDs).  The vinyl exclusively includes unreleased song “Linewleum” as well as a T-shirt bundle via their webstore

Fat Mike noted: “This was one of my all-time favorite moments playing with NOFX. I hope you all enjoy this half as much as I did playing it. I’m very proud of what we pulled off. (Not so proud of how I look in that dress…)”

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