News: NOFX Release ‘Punk Rock Cliché’ Single from Upcoming ‘Double Album’

Influential punk band NOFX have released the second single, “Punk Rock Cliché,” from their upcoming record, Double Album, out December 2 via who else but Fat Wreck Chords.

The single follows on from “Darby Crashing Your Party” as a teaser of what to expect from part two of their double album release, with the first part, Single Album, released last February.

Frontman Fat Mike says of “Punk Rock Cliché” and Double Album:

“I really like ‘Single Album’ a lot, but the songs on ‘Double Album’ aren’t quite up to scratch. All these songs were recorded at the same time, except this one was finished two years later. I think it’s a very enjoyable album, and maybe our funniest. I think it is what a lot of our fans will want to hear, and it’s a great side three and four for a double album. I accomplished my goal of making a solid double album, but it just took a lot longer than I expected.”

Probably the most fun fact to come from the record is that the new single started life as a blink-182 song for their 2016 album California before they dropped it from the record when they found out Matt Skiba had co-written it with Fat Mike. Mike also says that the blink version of the song was better, but I guess we’ll never know.

Check out “Punk Rock Cliché” below. NOFX are heading to Australia in December, with a slew of tour dates to be announced for next year as part of their apparent final tour.

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Featured image credit: Susan Moss Photography

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