The wold is a cold place and it inspires some very dark music. Some of that music is brutal like Incantation, some of it is caustic like Primitive Man, and some of that music… some of it is fucking bleak, dude.

Those bleakest of the balladeers Nothing has just announced that their fourth LP The Great Dismal which will be released on October 30th on Relapse Records. The album will be released on the cusp of their band’s tenth anniversary.

To commemorate the announcement of their latest album, the band has released a new single and VHS horror-inspired music video, titled “Say Less” which you can check out below:

Speaking on the title of his new album, singer Domenic Palermo explains, “The Great Dismal refers to a swamp, a brilliant natural trap where survival is custom fit to its inhabitants. The nature of its beautiful, but taxing environment and harsh conditions can’t ever really be shaken or forgotten too easily.”

Chilling and intriguing, no? I know I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more and I hope you are as well.

Preorder The Great Dismal from Relapse Records here.


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