Founding frontman Casey Royer and the powerful current lineup of the legendary Orange County punk band D.I. have re-imagined their most popular songs for their latest album. Greatest Hits A-Z just dropped via Cleopatra Records, and contains a whopping 23 songs presented in alphabetical order. It’s available now digitally, on CD and on orange or blue vinyl. Order your preferred format here

Greatest Hits A-Z contains fan favorites like “Hang Ten In East Berlin,” “Johnny’s Got A Problem,” “Pervert Nurse,” and “Reagan Der Fuhrer.” Of course, “Richard Hung Himself” and “Spiritual Law,” the two songs immortalized by Slayer on their 1996 punk covers album Undisputed Attitude, are also included. There’s even a version of the punk classic “Amoeba,” which Royer wrote while still drumming for the Adolescents.

Royer was well established in the OC punk scene when he founded D.I. in 1981. He had already spent time drumming for both Adolescents and Social Distortion. D.I. added surf and new wave to punk and hardcore to form the basis of their sound.

While the band never achieved huge commercial success, they were highly influential to the next generation of SoCal punk bands. Maybe most importantly, D.I. appeared in the 1984 Penelope Spheeris’ classic punk film Suburbia.


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