News: Oceans Release New Single ‘Chop Suey’

German nu-metal band Oceans released their second studio album Hell Is Where The Heart Is last year’s November. This time, the band return with their latest single, “Chop Suey,” a cover version of the System Of A Down classic track. The song is covered with the band’s own blend of sound.

Watch the official visualizer of “Chop Suey” on YouTube:

Vocalist/guitarist Timo Rotten shares his thoughts:

“Toxicity was one of my favorite albums when it came out, but I hadn’t heard it in a while. Then Thomas dug it up again a few weeks ago and the question immediately came to my mind: How would this sound with growls? And whether I could do it at all. We just had to try it out. Did I get it right? I think you have to decide for yourselves.”


Timo Rotten | vocals, guitar
Patrick Zarske | guitar
Thomas Winkelmann | bass
J.F. Grill | drums

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Photo courtesy of Oceans

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