Denver-based death metal buzz harshers Of Feather and Bone just announced that they will be dropping their fourth and sickest release to date on November 18. The album is titled Sulfuric Disintegration, and it will be coming at you courtesy of Profound Lore.

Check out the first single below, a harsh and tower-rush of blast beats and dark tremolos they are calling, “Entropic Self Immolation.”

Sulfuric Disintegration succeeds their bestial 2018 album Bestial Hymns Of Perversion, seeing the band team up with Ben Romsdahl of Juggernaut Audio to track the album, which was then given a lethal makeover by the one and only Arthur Rizk. The unnerving and disorienting cover art comes from the magnificently talented Stewart Cole.

Sulfuric Disintegration Tracklisting
1. Regurgitated Communion
2. Entropic Self Immolation
3. Noctemnania
4. Consecrated And Consumed
5. Sulfuric Sodomy (Disintegration Of Christ)
6. Baptized In Boiling Phlegm

Preorder Sulfuric Disintegration from Profound Lore here.


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