Denver death-doom titan Of Feather and Bone’s third album Sulfuric Disintegration is out now on Profound Lore! Stream it below and get your hands on it here!

From the band’s press release:

“Of Feather and Bone’s Sulfuric Disintegration sees the trio deliver their most brutal, dynamic, and punishing release to date. The record follows 2018’s Bestial Hymns Of Perversion, an album which signaled a new paradigm shift and saw the band get the worthwhile recognition deserved through acclaim and notable touring cycles, being recognized for their devastating live performance, bringing a new sense of awareness to the group. Sulfuric Disintegration takes Of Feather and Bone’s intensity and aura to the next level.”

“While not only delivering a more dynamic and complex musical vision that balances the genres of pure dark death metal, blistering grind, and unrelenting bestial metal, Sulfuric Disintegration sees  Of Feather and Bone become the full-on sonic killing machine that one was given a mere glimpse of with their past works. Not only is the sound on the new album more devastating than anything done previously, but the tighter and warmer production courtesy of a lethal mix and master executed by Arthur Rizk, after tracking with Ben Romsdahl at Juggernaut Audio, gives the band their deadliest sounding album yet. Sulfuric Disintegration is completed with unique cover artwork by Stewart Cole.”

Photo by Of Feather and Bone.

Buy Sulfuric Disintegration here.

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