News: Ol’ RattleBones Release ‘My Love’

Founded on friendship and a mutual passion for music, hard rock grooves are back with Ol’ RattleBones’ new single “My Love.” This song, along with 13 other tracks, was written during the height of the pandemic. “It is an expression of anger, frustration, and an overall perspective of what we were all going through at the time,” the band share.

Influenced by rock bands of the ’60s and ’70s, listeners can expect to hear a mixture of rock, metal, and blues. With lyrics like, “Our history, why couldn’t you see?” and, “How could you leave me honey, my love,” “My Love” is a fictional story about a woman’s tragic suicide. “It’s told from the perspective of the man (her lover) that she left behind and the damage that it caused. This song is definitely up for interpretation of the listener, as it can mean different things to different people,” Darrell, bassist of Ol’ RattleBones, tells us.

Along with this track, the band are also preparing to release tshree EP’s, starting with Rise Chapter 1.

Listen to “My Love” and Rise Chapter 1. below:

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Photo courtesy of Ol’ RattleBones

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