“My story ain’t like yours …” begins MURS in “Sixers,” the newest single by Old City. The track is a genre fusion of punk and hip hop, a verbal onslaught, maximalist to its core. Percussive, abrasive, and raw.

Old City’s new single samples Black Flag’s iconic “Six Pack,” allowing “Sixers” the sonic bedrock it needs to tell stories of weirdos, renegades, and the thrill of finding your tribe.

The “Sixers”‘ music video is animated in a rough, flipbook style reminiscent of a student sketching while in detention for cutting class. Meanwhile, Variant single covers are a modernized sendup to the dark, sardonic style that Black Flag’s artist Raymond Pettibon made famous.

Check out the awesome, new, animated video for Old City’s “Sixers” below:

“Sixers” sets the stage for an Old City, self-titled debut, a sample-dense “Punk Rock Paul’s Boutique”—creating a style you never knew you needed

On the creation of the new video, bandleader and MC Justin Mayer says:

“I directed the video and worked with a freelance animator from Spain @piu.dr for a few months after a few false starts with other animators earlier this year. It was initially modeled after tiny concerts, but Keith Ross, who does those flip book sketches, didn’t think a long-form video would work.

“I’m trained as an art director, but animation is new to me, so I did research and storyboarded the shots and planned the sequences. Its most difficult aspect was finding someone with stylistic consistency that could self manage their own timeline expectations. Similarly, I directed several different illustrators for the end credits seque. D and for the Pettibon-nod single covers.”

Old City is for all rappers that favor other genres outside of hip hop as an influence and suburban punk kids who only want to vent their frustrations in the mosh pit of a sweaty basement.

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