News: Olof Dreijer Partners With Mt. Simms

The Knife’s Olof Dreijer is back with Mt. Simms on a soon-to-be-released collection of songs through Rabid Records called Souvenir. The five-song collection comes out on June, 9 and follows a decade worth of preparation between the two artists.

As part of the announcement, the duo released the first single from the album titled “Hybrid Fruit.”

Souvenir started when Dreijer and Sims were collaborating with Planningtorock on the Tomorrow, In A Year album. The steel drum that paces the album is made by the Ellie Mannette, a legend in the field.

With the steel drum’s colonial history and Western stereotypes in mind, Dreijer and Sims took ten years to develop their new, original language. The duo used non-traditional methods like ball bearings and water to bring out softer, less-heard timbres and textures from the drums.

Learn more about Olof Dreijer’s and Mt. Simms’ work here.

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