Optic Sink are a new, minimal electronic project featuring Natalie Hoffmann of Nots and percussionist Ben Bauermeister (Magic Kids, Toxie, A55 Conducta). Today, they announced that their debut album S/T is coming October 2nd through Goner. Alongside the announcement, Optic Sink also dropped “Personified,” a lead track from S/T. “Personified” is super synth laden, darkly ambient, and fast paced. With elements of post-punk and noise rock, the dystopian landscape of “Personified” reflects the nightmarish world we currently inhabit.

“It’s about the evasive search for comfort: the human need to have freedom from pain, and for ease in a fixed system made to exploit,” Hoffmann says of S/T, a record she wrote in part during a musical residency at the Memphis creative complex Crosstown Arts. 

Hoffmann adds, “I lost two people who were inexpressibly important to me in 2018 and 2019, and it completely derailed me from working on music at all for a while. After I was able to focus on music again, the solitary and meditative endeavor of writing songs for Optic Sink became a form of therapy for me and a way of working through the grief and shock of these losses. So as much as this record is informed by the repercussions of our current political climate, it’s also shaped by a looming sense of loss.” 

Optic Sink Track Listing:

1 – Drone

2 – Personified

3 – Soft Quiet Life

4 – Dumb Luck

5 – Exhibitionist

6 – Vanishing Point

7 – Girls in Grey 8 – Set Roulette

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