Halfnoise – aka producer and Paramore drummer Zac Farro – has announced a new album, Motif, set for release November 5 via his own Nashville artist collective Congrats Records. 

With the news of the album, Halfnoise has shared new single “Superstition”.

Farro says of the new release:

‘Motif’ was a huge stepping stone for me in a lot of ways. From the songwriting to the production, I pushed myself in ways that I hadn’t before. I really wanted to create a “Halfnoise” sound instead of only writing with the goal of just finishing songs or an album. I wanted this record to be pointed and have purpose.

The record grew every step of the way. It started as a love letter and transformed into an hour-long journey. Throughout every step of the process, it became more and more evident what this record wanted to be and how it got the name ‘Motif.’

Everything fits in place without being redundant, and it connects back to itself. Above all of the production, string arrangements, and saxophone (which I love), I think I’m most proud of the stories that I tell on this album. It’s my most personal record to date.

Halfnoise Motif

Motif is the soundtrack to a genuine, real-life love story. Inspired by his relationship with partner and collaborator Kayla Graninger (aka Elke), the forthcoming album charts the journey of new love from infatuation to maturity, from New York City to Los Angeles, and from spontaneity to the everyday. 

Check out “Superstition” below, and pre-order/save Motif here.

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Images courtesy of Halfnoise/Zac Farro.


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