Scottish party-slam legends Party Cannon are set to return to American shores in March joining Wormhole and Flub on their forthcoming U.S. tour. The band’s new album Volumes Of Vomit releases on January 14 via Gore House Productions.

Volumes Of Vomit offers up nine chunks of IQ-lowering, slamming sickness, mass-gaining gym riffs, irresponsibly fast blastbeats, and the swampiest gutturals known to mankind.  In true Party Cannon, over-the-top style, this is not your normal death metal album; this is fully fledged party slam at its most unhinged. Party Cannon are thrilled to be bringing their newest material out on the road with them.

Bassist Chris ‘Clankenstein’ states: “Finally, after five long years, we are returning to the United States of America to defend Party Slam and lower the nation’s average IQ score by at least 69 points. We couldn’t be happier to be the hot slamming filling in the tech-death calzone that is Wormhole and Flub.”

“The USA has always felt like a second home to us; we cannot wait to be reunited with all the beautiful party people over there and subject them to a most heinous partying. Most of all, we are excited to visit the house from Home Alone, eat copious amounts of Chicago style pizza, and maybe go to Universal Studios on our day off in Orlando (depends what Wormhole want to do, you know how it is).”

Produced by Jörg Uken (Defeated Sanity, Sinister, Anvil, Despondency) at Soundlodge Studios, Volumes Of Vomit delivers the most brutal sound of the band’s career. Raw, live, and crushing, you’ll feel like you’re actually in the room with these terrible people—who brought in their well-known, guttural friends Ross Sewage (Exhumed), Don Campan (Waking The Cadaver), and Andrew Lomastro (Cerebral Incubation) to assist in the madness.

1. Tactical Chunder
2. Grass Obliteration (Blazed and Confused) (feat Don Campan from Waking The Cadaver)
3. Nauseating and Unpalatable (feat Ross Sewage from Exhumed)
4. Naked Beach Frenzy
5. 60 Stone Threesome
6. 1000%
7. Electric Soldier Porygon (feat Andrew LoMastro from Cerebral Incubation)
8. I Believe In Dani Filth
9. The Dirty Bubble


Hailing from Dunfermline, Scotland and signed to Gore House Productions, Party Cannon have subjected a large portion of the planet to their partying having frequently toured the U.K., Europe, North America, and Asia. Making waves since their inception in 2010, their debut EP Partied In Half is now considered an iconic release within the slam death metal scene.

Famously, Party Cannon’s multi-color party balloon not only stands out against frosty-branched-logo-bands wherever it appears on gig posters, but regularly pops up globally. Make no mistake, Party Cannon know how to stand out.

Purchase Party Cannon Volumes Of Vomit here.
Follow Gore House Productions on Bandcamp here.

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