News: Pelagic Records to Release Compilation Album to Support Ukrainian War Refugees

German record label Pelagic Records has taken the righteous step to come forward and help the thousands of war refugees who have lost their homes and are coming to Berlin day by day. The label is set to release a compilation album that will feature a long list of its artists. The album is titled Ukrainian War Refugee Support A Pelagic Compilation (Vol. I & II).

Pelagic Records

The track list for the compilation:

  1. MONO – Pray for Peace
  2. OSLO TAPES – Cosmonaut (Innerspace Remix by Amaury)
  3. YEAR OF NO LIGHT – Teukhè (Demo)
  4. NYOS – Curiosity
  5. ÅRABROT – Children Of The Revolution (T. Rex Cover)
  6. PSYCHONAUT – The Fall of Consciousness (live performance)
  7. SOM – Black Out The Sky (Cinderella City Remix)
  8. ENPHIN – Dominion
  9. BRUIT ≤ – The machine is burning – Live at Gésu church
  10. SHY, LOW – Instinctual Estrangement
  11. BRIQUEVILLE – Requiem I
  12. BLESSINGS – Seven blessings (Live at Studio Skogen)
  13. JOHAN G WINTHER – The Waters

Pelagic Records

Ukrainian War Refugee Support A Pelagic Compilation (Vol. I & II) will be released on June 3rd, 2022. Preorder the album here.

Additional contributors to the majestic work:

Philipp Welsing, Original Mastering – mastering
Benedikt Demmer, Druckwelle Design – artwork
Riso Club Leipzig – risograph printing
Prepaid Records – dubbing

Photo courtesy of Pelagic Records

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