News: Pete Briley Releases ‘ALBUM no. 1’

Alternative artist Pete Briley releases his debut, solo album ALBUM no. 1 which includes the popular track “Sick And Tired.” The collection of songs is a gorgeous blend of paces, styles and ambiences, featuring something for everyone.

“This album has been brewing for many years,” Briley states. “But only really started to take shape in the early part of 2023. I hope to capture something of what it’s like to be alive now.”

The sentiment is reflected in the joyous “Elvis,” a reflective, bouncy tune. It earned high praise from BBC radio, with the outlet naming it Track of The Week status on BBC introducing.

The uplifting song “Right Place, Wrong Time” is an optimistic, folky tune that is tailor made for beach trips and mountain drives. The up-and-coming single “Go to Bed” showcases a 90s, pop rock sound that would fit alongside bands like Hootie & the Blowfish.

“I always have a rule when I make music,” Briley continues. “I try to do something in each track that I’ve never done before. It doesn’t have to be a big thing; it can be a recording or songwriting technique… where each song has it’s own unique fingerprint.”

Learn more about the rising star, Briley, here.

Photo courtesy of Pete Briley 

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