PxDx fans, rejoice! Pig Destroyer are finally back with a new EP, The Octagonal Stairway, out August 28 via Relapse Records. Check out the first single from their new EP, “The Cavalry.”

The video for “The Cavalry” features submitted fan art collected during the COVID-19 crisis.

One of the most legendary grindcore bands in the U.S., and veterans of the Relapse family, the band’s sound has come a long way from their original, grimy, East-Coast grind roots. While they still very much embody that raw sound, they have since incorporated industrial, noise, and electronic elements, and their music has always tipped a hat to metal and hip-hop as well.

The Octagonal Stairway features six crushing tracks from the legendary band, B-side noise tracks, and a special appearance from Iggor Cavalera!

Preorder the album here.


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