East Bay punk legends Pinhead Gunpowder have announced plans for a massive vinyl re-issue of nearly their entire catalog via 1-2-3-4 Go! Records. The roll-out will come in five stages, with all five including an LP and an EP, as well as a T-shirt for each release. Phase one will come on April 30th and feature Jump Salty, Trundle & Spring, and the corresponding T’s. 

The entire collection is also being offered in a subscription series. If you commit to the entire discography by March 1st, you will get unique color variant available only to subscribers, and a bonus T-shirt. Pre-order all options directly from 1-2-3-4 Go! Records

The next phases of the re-issue extravaganza are scheduled for June 11th, September 10th, November 26th and March 11th of next year. The label promises that these remastered classics are the best sounding versions of these records ever released.

Pinhead Gunpowder has been around, sporadically at least, for three decades. The band famously includes guitarist/vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong and main songwriter/drummer Aaron Cometbus. (As well as Green Day associates guitarist Jason White and bassist Bill Schneider.) Cometbus was a founding member of Crimpshrine, and played in bunch of other bands, but might be best known for his long-running eponymous zine.

The timing seems about perfect for this announcement. Green Day is starting to play again, and are going to be involved in the Super Bowl 55 festivities. On top of that, nostalgia for the band’s one time home, Lookout! Records, seems to be at an all time high.


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