News: Pinkhouse Release Debut EP ‘Vanity Project’

Alternative punk band Pinkhouse released their debut EP, Vanity Project. The five-track production dropped on January 19 and is showcasing serious potential on streaming platforms.

“I wrote it during my early 20s when I was suddenly thrust into the real world and questioning everything,” frontman Max Fillion says. “I had a degree but didn’t have automatic happiness and fulfillment that was promised.”

It’s a relatable sentiment featured in a collection of songs that is expertly written. Pinkhouse describe the EP as an attempt to “make sense of the futile” with a focus on themes that relate to coming of age.

Pop punk has always had a finger on the pulse of 20-somethings’ life struggles. It’s what makes this kind of music so relatable. While Pinkhouse are probably more “punk lite” (as their Instagram description suggests) rather than pop punk, the ethos of the EP fits well with common scene themes.

“I eventually found it,” Fillion says, finishing his earlier point. “This EP served as a notebook of sorts during my search.”

Fans can check out Pinkhouse when they headline a show in D.C. at the end of February. They have joined on the bill by Dead Billionaires, Endlings, and Sheila.

For more information on that show and other music from the band, click here.

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