News: Plaguemace Drop Third Single ‘Carnivore’

Plaguemace have released their third single, “Carnivore,” from their debut album for Napalm Records, Reptilian Warlords which is out now. Denmark’s Plaguemace have released one of the heaviest death metal albums of 2023 with their Napalm Records debut, Reptilian Warlords, a ripping skull crusher sure to satisfy fans of old school death metal.

The band on Reptilian Warlords:

“’Reptilian Warlords’ is the first in a series of concept albums taking place in our own fictional universe. The story has been torn apart chronologically and will be put together throughout this, and the following, releases. So stay tuned to find out what happens next. The themes of ‘Reptilian Warlords’ include ANGER, VENGEANCE, DESIRE, WAR, and ENRAGING BLOODTHIRST.”

Plaguemace have positioned themselves to be the new face and sound of death metal with the release of Reptilian Warlords. Songs like “Cannibalicious” and “Impenetrable Leather” are ferocious and unrelenting, like a Lion taking down a Gazelle. Plaguemace recently supported Nervosa on a tour which saw the band gaining fans and winning over live audiences in Scandinavia, as well as in the U.K.

Photo courtesy of plaguemace

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