The creative persona of 21-year-old artist Anders Aakerhus, plxntkid, just dropped his debut EP, 7650 VERDAL, along with the video for the song “here we go again (ft. Smrtdeath).”

plxntkid grew up in the small town of Verdal, Norway, and it was the isolation of growing up in that small place that lead him to creating music as an outlet for his anxiety and depression.

“It gave me somewhere to talk about (it),” he said, regarding finding online community via Soundcloud, where he started making music anonymously as plxntkid. “A big part of coping is my music; I think it’s unlikely I would be making music if I didn’t have these problems. Writing lyrics about what is going on in my head is the best therapy for me.”

Listen to 7650 VERDAL here, and check out the music video for “here we go again” below:

For more on plxntkid, check out his official website, Facebook, and Instagram. Photo courtesy of plxntkid and Gitte Paulsbo.

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