News: Ponte Del Diavolo Release Album ‘Fire Blades From The Tomb’ + Video

Italy’s masterpiece collective Ponte Del Diavolo dropped their most recent album, Fire Blades from the Tomb, on February 16 via Season of Mist. Seven tracks fully equipped with a distinct perspective in the Italian and English languages. The is an intelligent and deeply thought-provoking album. The vocals’ strong wave influences serve as the composition’s focal point in this deeply esoteric piece. Two basses supply the foundation for the rhythmic guitar and then supported by heavy percussions. This unusual combination gives Ponte del Diavolo it’s insatiable vibe.

At first listen, the leading track performed in the Italian language is “Demone.” This is a sinister ballad guided by a powerful bass line and vocals with a dark wave feel.

Check out the video below.

Following this track is the “Covenant,” a sonically mysterious song that feels like Sisters of Mercy meets Siouxsie and The Banshees. Elena Camusso’s (AKA Erba Del Diavolo) vocals echo nostalgic vibes from the ’80’s post-punk era rarely seen anymore.

Both “La Razza” and “Zero” are also written in Italian. The gritty guitar in “Zero” blends well with the tribal drum sound. “La Razza” opens with a guitar solo before exploding into a symphony of black metal. “Nocturnal Veil’ explodes instantly with the drums and synchronizes Camusso’s eerie, witchy vocals, which are utterly captivating. The gritty dark wave song “Red as The Sex of She Who Lives in Death” talks to our temptations that will ultimately burn.

They close out the album with the darkest track, “The Weeping Song,” a doom-black metal duet with Camusso featuring Davide Straccione. This is a track that speaks of the women weeping for the ones that have passed.

Fire Blades from the Tomb is not for the faint of heart. This is a courageous album, fearless and mystifying. There is no denying that Italy produces some excellent musicians. Listen to this album; it’s very addictive.

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