News: Poolside At The Flamingo Release ‘Hell On Earth’

Poolside At The Flamingo have released a new single, “Hell On Earth,” ahead of their forthcoming EP Accabadora due out May 22. “Hell On Earth” is the second single the band has dropped ahead of Accabadora hitting the streets late spring.

Poolside At The Flamingo state:

“This may be our favorite song on the EP. There’s a hint of melody as dueling guitars blend tremolo riffs. The series of breakdowns at the end will make you want to hurt something.”

Poolside At The Flamingo continue:

“The ‘Accabadora’ EP is the first release that we’re truly proud of and feel embodies the sound that we’re looking to achieve. The songs on this EP were written with more care and attention than any other album/ep we’ve released. To us, it’s the perfect blend of erratic grindcore and soul-crushing breakdowns.”

Poolside At The Flamingo have also announced a tour this spring to coincide with the release of Accabadora. For those who may not be familiar with Poolside at the Flamingo, they’re a four piece deathcore/grindcore band formed in 2005 and based out of Colorado.

Photo courtesy of Poolside At The Flamingo

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