News: Poptropicalslutz! and Aldrch Put Out Joint Single Off Upcoming Split EP

Alt-pop groups poptropicaslutz! and aldrch put out a new joint single called “wow!”

It’s the latest single off of the bands’ split EP Gossip Team, which comes out on May 19 on Epitaph Records. Christian Cicilia of poptropicaslutz! described the song as being about having “a connection with somebody so strong that it makes you think it’s all you’re ever going to need.”

Sam Richman of aldrch had nothing but praise for the band’s friends in poptropicaslutz! “I consider Nick [Crawford] and CC [Christian Cicilia] family at this point,” Richman says.  “There’s nothing holding us back in the studio to be completely honest with each other.”

Richman went on to describe the writing process between the two bands. “Pts! are big writers… super methodical about lyrics, their meanings, and the stories they tell,” Richman says.  “I come from a producer background, so I treat lyric writing more from [that] perspective, focused heavily on phrasing and trying to encapsulate specific emotions.” As for how the split came to be, Richman says that the idea was sparked by someone typing “aldrch pts EP” in the chat of an Instagram Live session.

Poptropicaslutz! also announced their headlining tour for this summer called the Truth is in the Glitter Tour. It kicks off on July 21 in Boston and goes through several major U.S. cities including DC, Phoenix, and Chicago before finishing in New York on August 18. The tour will feature live DJ sets from aldrch in addition to special guest appearances by Sophie Powers and Chloe Lilac. Complete tour dates and tickets are available on the poptropicaslutz! website.

The new split doesn’t seem to have any physical release available for preorder, but you can presave it on any streaming platform. You can also keep up with updates from poptropicaslutz! and aldrch by following poptropicaslutz! on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok, or following aldrch on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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