News: poptropicaslutz! Collab With Magnolia Park

Long Island meets Florida in the new single “catastrophe” from poptropicaslutz! and Magnolia Park. The former, hailing from the New York area and the later, from the Sunshine State, perfectly blend pop and easy core in this excellent track.

“catastrophe” is a song about self-destruction and collateral damage… when her murderous rampage just wasn’t enough of a red flag,” poptropicaslutz! explains.

The duo is comprised of 20-year-old Christian Cicilia and 21-year-old Nick Crawford. poptropicaslutz! is newly signed to punk/alternative incubator Epitaph Records and is currently crafting their follow-up to their 2022 just in case the world ends DELUX EP.

Magnolia Park is fresh off their second album Baku’s Revenge and quickly moving up the alternative ranks. “catastrophe” brings together two rising stars in the scene.

“The song makes being taken advantage of feel so sweet and heartbreaking,” Magnolia Park commented.

The track is in good hands, produced by Lucky West (DREAMERS, Weathers) and Morgoth (Polyphia, JuiceWrld). The Gen-Z musicians come together for an intersection of hyper-pop and easy-core, underlined by a shared pop sensibility.

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