News: poptropicaslutz! Drop ‘something about the sky’ Single

New York hyperpunks poptropicaslutz! have released their new single “something about the sky” via Epitaph Records.

Produced by Slaying Ibis x Yeezo and mixed by Matt Malpass (Blink-182, MGK, Trippie Redd), this addition to the duo’s collection of recent releases (including an EP and two singles over just two months) further expands upon their eclectic musical identity—a forward-facing blend of emo inspiration colliding with uniquely Gen Z experiences.  


Vocalist Christian Cicallia says of the single:

“The song came to me one night when we were driving and an insane storm came out of nowhere. I thought it was trippy how when we’d drive under a bridge, there would be a fleeting moment of peace, and complete silence while we were shielded from the rain.”

Check out “something about the sky” below and follow poptropicaslutz! on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Images courtesy of poptropicaslutz!. Featured image credit: Eli Rae.

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