News: poptropicaslutz! Release Extended Version of Debut EP

Self-proclaimed “hyper-punk” duo poptropicaslutz! released an extended version of their debut EP just in case the world ends.  

The extended version of the EP was released on Epitaph Records and contains the seven original songs from the album plus an additional five tracks. To celebrate, the due released the music video for the track “TEEN POP SENSATION” off of the extended EP.  

“Just In Case The World Ends is a project that started during the global pandemic, as poptropicaslutz! was forming, and the “end of the world” didn’t seem so farfetched,” the band explain about the album’s origins. “We thought about what album we’d make if it was our last chance to make one.” 

The extended EP is now streaming on all platforms via Epitaph Records. Don’t forget to follow the duo on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates. 

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