Portrayal of Guilt have unleashed a piercing new single, “Sadist,”which features vocals from Jenna Rose of New York darkwave outfit Anatomy.

The hypnotic video sends you spiraling, both figuratively and literally, down a path of utter chaos and foot-stomping heaviness. “Sadist” is taken off of the forthcoming album CHRISTFUCKER, which will drop next Friday, November 5 on Run For Cover. It is the band’s second full-length of 2021, following January’s highly acclaimed record We Are Always Alone.

On CHRISTFUCKER, Portrayal of Guilt plunge headfirst into unfathomable depths, creating a work of art that’s powerfully unsettling.

Guitarist/vocalist Matt King states: “We think of it partially in the sense of scoring a horror movie. We wanted to create an atmosphere of anxiety and fear.”

The entirety is set to unrelenting, nihilistic, howling soundscapes created by King, drummer James Beveridge, and bassist Alex Stanfield. By way of hypnotic guitar patterns, industrial rhythms and oppressive heaviness, each track tells a story set in the darkest of settings for the listener to interpret and explore.

CHRISTFUCKER track list:

1) Intro to Christfucker
2) The Sixth Circle
3) Sadist
4) Fall from Grace
5) Dirge
6) Bed of Ash
7) The Crucifixion
8) Master/Slave
9) …where the suffering never ends
10) Possession

Preorder CHRISTFUCKER here.
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