Having been a staple in the band’s live performance for quite some time, Power Trip have finally unleashed a recording for their cover of Outburt’s “When Things Go Wrong.”

The recording sees Power Trip injecting a revitalizing energy into a NYHC classic. The track will be featured on the upcoming compilation album Hot Shit Attitude: The Outburst Covers Record, due out January 31 via Blackout! Records. In addition to Power Trip, the compilation record will feature some well-respected names in the modern hardcore scene including, Higher Power, Fury, and Krimewatch.

Hot Shit Attitude: The Outburst Covers Record Track List:

1. When Things Go Wrong – Power Trip
2. Misunderstood – Higher Power
3. SGI /Mission Impossible – Wild Side
4. Miles to Go – Initiate
5. No Choice – Fury
6. Think for Yourself – Krimewatch
7. Outburst (Intro) – Wild Side
8. Thin Ice – Search
9. The Hard Way – Mizery
10. Learn to Care – Stand Off
11. Controlled – Big Boss
12. True – Outskirts

Hot Shit Attitude: The Outburst Covers Record is brought to the fans in addition to celebrating Outburt’s upcoming vinyl reissue of their pivotal, 1989 release, Miles To Go. The band and their label (Blackout! Records) have decided to release a companion compilation comprised of great new bands covering Outburst songs. Outburst have an Indiegogo set up for limited, vinyl LP reissues of the band’s renowned release Miles To Go.

As teenage knuckleheads growing up in Astoria, Queens, the members of Outburst never imagined their brand of New York Hardcore would live beyond their live show and a few recordings. Still, here we are 30 years later, and new generations of punk and metal bands from all over the world are still finding inspiration in their music, sense of humor, and (lack of) attitude.

To this day, the band are still coming across covers of their songs from all over according to drummer and primary lyricist, Joe Songco. “I stumbled across a Siberian, female-fronted hardcore band (Big Boss) that had recorded a version of ‘Controlled,’ and it blew my mind that anyone so remote, so many years later, even knew about us.”

Watch Power Trip “When Things Go Wrong” here. 

Pre-order Hot Shit Attitude and 31st Anniversary Miles To Go here.

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