News: Protect Your Heart Release ‘Embers’

Pop-punk band Protect Your Heart are in top form on its new song “Embers.” The upbeat track features the band’s typical breakdowns and soaring vocals.

“The original demo for Embers was written three years ego and didn’t make the first album,” the band say. “It had been forgotten about until Matty found it while on a late night drive, and pulled over on the side of the street to write the vocals to the song right there.”

“Embers” showcases everything great about Protect Your Heart. The track opens with dynamic, stadium-ready guitar riffs paced by a pop-punk structure. It features breakdowns and a perfect, melodic build to a booming chorus. It’s a reflection of the band’s star talent.

“Embers is about leaning on yourself and pulling through difficult times,” Protect Your Heart continues.

The band is selling “Embers” shirts to support the new song. You can pick one up here, as well as listen to more new music from the Protect Your Heart.

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