News: Protomartyr Release New Single and Video Off Upcoming Album

Detroit-based post-punk band Protomartyr released a new single and video today called “Elimination Dances” The song is from their upcoming album Formal Growth in the Desert which comes out June 2 on Domino Music. This marks the second single off the upcoming album, with “Make Way” being the first.

The video is directed by Yoonha Park and features dancer Kota Yamazaki. Park said about the video, “My dad once told me ‘Life is like a roll of toilet paper. The closer it gets to the end the faster it goes. That idea along with the lyrics led to the idea of a choreographic pattern that repeats as it grows outward in an expanding spiral. The choreography repeats with each cycle but has to be danced faster and faster to keep pace with the ‘pale youth’ until eventually devolving into chaos. I recently learned that the toilet paper quote was actually by Andy Rooney.”

The band have a lot of tour dates coming up, kicking off on June 13 in Toronto and continuing through North America for a month until Chicago on July 13. Then on August 4 they depart for their European tour which will be pretty extensive.

The single is now streaming on all platforms. You can pre-order the new album on Protomartyr’s web store, their Bandcamp page, or on the Domino Music site where there’s an exclusive splatter vinyl variant. Make sure to follow the band on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to ensure you’re keeping up with all the important updates.

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