News: Public Universal Friend Readies For Huge 2023

Queer-led rock band Public Universal Friend is gearing up for a massive 2023, which will include new music and a tour. The band recently released their newest single Jesus Pt. 1 in a lead up to their sophomore album CHRYSALIS. The track follows their divorce bop “HORROSCOPE.” The album is slated to be released in February.

PUF is and Indianapolis-band fronted by “queer goth Americana matriarch” Jody Galadriel Friend. After a decade-plus solo career, PUF’s 2021 debut PERENNNIALS served as a coming out record for Friend. She bravely disclosed her gay trans womanhood by way of its release.

The new album clearly seems like a a continuation PUF’s work on the first album, an earthy, alt-rock opus centered around Friend’s warm alto and infectious songwriting. It’s colored by its sonic roots with post-punk, 90s era emo mixed in. The echoes of Friend’s native Appalachian folk and hymnary are also undeniable.

Along with the new music, PUF is releasing more video content, forming relationships with booking agents while continuing to blend together the Indianapolis music and queer scenes.

Expect to see PUF out on the road in 2023, traversing the Midwest and South in support of their new music and social missions.

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