That seething, black monolith of death-doom Pulchra Morte, harboring the talents of Adam Clemans (Skeletonwitch, Wolvhammer), John Porada (Wolvhammer, Abigail Williams), Jarrett Pritchard (Eulogy), Clayton Gore (Eulogy, Harkonin), and Jeffrey Breden (Leagues Below), have just dropped a new single.

The song, titled “The Serpent’s Choir,” is off of Pulchra Morte’s forthcoming album Ex Rosa Ceremonia, set to be unleashed on November 6 by Transcending Records.

The track is a bit of a madhouse, featuring the vocal work of members of 1349, Immolation, Exhumed, Black Tusk, Mondo Generator, The Accüsed, Uada, Nocturnus AD, GWAR, Abysmal Dawn, Scour, Yazuka, Cloak, Exhorder, Withered, and more.

“‘The Serpent’s Choir’ is the result of us forging a new chapter for Pulchra Morte,” notes vocalist Adam Clemans. “Lyrically, it deals with the power of the written word and how beautiful and sometimes destructive amassing many voices behind those words can be. We decided it might be an interesting idea to mirror that sentiment physically by adding as many voices to the song as possible. We are honored to have had as many people participate as we did. The result is of pure power.” 

Jarrett Pritchard, also offered his input on the ambitious project, “Assembling ‘The Serpent’s Choir’ was really gratifying but challenging. I have had the privilege of working with so many fantastic people over the years, so I feel really lucky to have been able to reach out to people, one by one, that I wanted to participate, as well as my normal friends who of course are always there, ready to go. 

“We got people from all over, and not all ‘metal people.’ The Choir sees the return of Jason Avery (Eulogy, Monstrosity) to the microphone, backing up Adam with Andrew Gerrity (Wolvhammer, No Fraud) on the line, ‘a lifeless corpse of a world.’ And I had Blaine Accüsed (The Accüsed, Toe Tag) and Nick Oliveri (Mondo Generator, Queens Of The Stone Age) sing the line, ‘what music we shall make.’

“It was really exciting. There were very unique sounds in the mix as well: Jake (Uada) gave me some fantastic texture that is blended together with Ravn (1349), which is more of a howl, that you can hear a little more distinctly at the end of the track.”   

Check out the whole store and hear the full track over at Brooklyn Vegan here.


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