News: Punk Band Plasma Canvas Disband

Fort Collins, Colorado-based punk band Plasma Canvas announced on Facebook last week that they will be disbanding.

The band, who billed themselves as “the loudest, gayest band in the world,” formed in 2016 and have gone through a number of lineup changes, with frontwoman Adrienne Ash being the band’s only consistent member. In a series of two Facebook posts, the band reflected on their history and what the band has meant to them over the years, but announced that it was time to move on. Ash explained that she would be focusing on furthering her gender-affirming transition in the years to come, and will remain in Fort Collins while her partner finishes school.

“I both feel that there was no one specific point where things changed, and that there were many points when I felt a fundamental shift,” says the statement on the band’s Facebook page. “Plasma Canvas was a different band in 2016 than it was in 2017, a different band in February 2020 than it was in April 2020, and has been a number of different bands between then and now. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but the way that it happened has been exhausting and confusing for everyone involved.”

The band released their second album Dusk earlier this year on SideOneDummy Records. They will be dearly missed, and we’re sure all members will go on to do great things.

Photo courtesy of Plasma Canvas

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