News: Purest Form Release Self-Titled Album

Los Angeles supergroup, Purest Form, have released their self-titled EP on March 7. They’re also putting out a music video for their track, “Self Destruction.”

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The band is on a quest to set you free. Fury’s programmer, Madi Woodward, combines hardcore, punk, metal and electronic body music to create a modern fusion that combines music that can be found on both club dance floors and in sweaty mosh pits. The lyrics, produced from Story Beeson, touch on themes of the apocolypse and societal decay. This compliments the cataclysmic vision that Woodward had and the bass playing from Riley Joyner.

The music video for “Self Destruction” was both directed and shot by Jeremy Stith. The inspiration was from 1990’s “Begotten” with the costumes and aesthetics. These elements combined with Wim Wenders’ camera work made everything come to life. It also leans further into influences such as Ministry, Godflesh, and Sepultura.

Woodward and Beeson met while they were working at an independent venue in downtown LA, where they bonded over a shared love of dark underground music. In between writing hardcore and metal songs for his other bands and experimenting with nu-metal and “straight Orange County mosh metal” that he grew up listening to, Woodward has been making heavy synthesizer sequences. When he came to Beeson with a collection of bedroom demo industrial techno beats that he had been making “to get it out of his system,” he couldn’t have predicted how well Beeson’s vocals would’ve completed the transformation into synth-metal.

Purest Form Track Listing: 

Self Destruction

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