The dynamic pop rock project PVRIS, who recently released their third full-length album Use Me via Warner Records, have kicked off a livestream concert series in which they’ll be performing all three of their full-length albums in their entirety with full-fledged stage set-ups.

PVRIS performed their 2014 full-length album White Noise in its entirety — including “You and I” and “Empty,” which only appear on the “deluxe” version — on Nov. 21. PVRIS had never previously performed White Noise front-to-back in a live setting, and performances of their follow-up albums, including 2017’s All We Know of Heaven, All We Need of Hell and this year’s Use Me, are forthcoming.

The video stream of the White Noise performance, which took place in Arizona, had a chat box alongside the main event, and fans flooded the stream with exuberant comments. During at least a few poignant moments, PVRIS’s creative force Lynn Gunn gave shout-outs to those watching at home (or wherever they may have tuned in), and the whole event seemed to provide some communal joy amidst a fanbase already known for commitments to community and inclusion. “I think I can hear them,” Gunn commented at one point.

For all three streams, the band is utilizing a platform called Pillar, where fans can join up as a member to follow the band in an official fan community. This fan community helps fill in some of the glaring voids left by the shutdowns across the live music and event industry amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Standalone, one-time tickets for the livestreams are available, and these tickets come with a free one-month trial of Pillar membership.

On Instagram, PVRIS characterized Pillar membership as for “the ultimate PVRIS enthusiasts, those who want a further look into the creative process and a more direct way to keep in touch with us and each other.”

Use Me, the latest album from PVRIS, dropped on Aug. 28. On the album, Gunn took the credit that she’d long earned for the creative work that she’s been doing all along for the project, and this development in the public portrait of “PVRIS” mirrors the subject matter of the project’s latest songs. Use Me deals with the journey of giving oneself the space to breathe and heal — in a literal sense, considering Gunn’s documented confrontations with medical issues, and in a more emotionally oriented sense, considering the interpersonal relationship journeys that the album explores.

Find more information about the PVRIS livestream concert series at this link.

Featured Image via Sven Mandel on Wikimedia Commons, available under a Creative Commons License.

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